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    Board meeting minutes 21/4/10

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    Board meeting minutes 21/4/10 Empty Board meeting minutes 21/4/10

    Post by Billyisgod on Tue Apr 27, 2010 9:00 pm

    Leeds United Supporters Trust Board Meeting
    21st April 2010
    19.30 start

    Introductions and welcome was made by the Chairman
    The chairman also acknowledged and thanked Aidan for standing in as Chair during his absence over recent weeks.

    Leeds Legacy

    Aidan explained that unfortunately the Trust was unsuccessful in its attempt to secure funding for a community project. The reason given was that our bid did not contain enough community involvement. There is still an opportunity for further bids in the future.
    Action: Gary and Aidan to discuss next steps and understand when we can bid again


    Current membership stands at 296
    New website and database do not seem to be linked and new member’s details are not being processed. Action: Steve, Lee and Aidan to get to the root cause and fix. Membership secretary, Steve Cooke, sent his apologies and a brief report outlining his suggested plan to introduce a new £7.50 annual subscription which would include a car sticker and certificate etc, that membership was rising by 3 or 4 a week and that he and the treasurer were working on methods of improving and speeding up the process of application processing to allow for a speedy response to all new members. Steve also asked the board to re-affirm a budget of £300 for recruitment was available; this matter was discussed at the AGM and will be further discussed by the board to confirm the available budget in due course. Lastly Steve would like his appreciation minuted for the hard work Greego has put into designing the new Trust logo and helping Steve with his car sticker and certificate designs.

    A Trust member brought up a potentially opportunity where he could obtain 5000 quality leaflets for only £100. The view would be to aim to leaflet fans at the Bristol Rovers game both my leafleting cars and also handing them out and talking to fans.

    We also discussed the possibility of obtaining a recruitment table in Billy’s Bar on match days where members and board members would man and answer questions, take input and increase members. Action: Lee and Aidan to take the idea to the club

    Hall of Fame

    Mark discussed this further and provided a photocopy of each on the era's for fans to choose from.
    Action: Mark to construct a formal proposal on how the idea will work and what benefit the club will obtain from putting on such an event. The board agreed to support Mark in the construction of his plan.

    Fans Liaison Group

    Simon explained his vision for this group and how it would directly link match day experience enquiries into the LUFC fans charter. Simon wants to canvass the issues from our members and our networks, such as face book. He will then create an issue log to formally take to the club. The responses and actions will then be fed back both directly to the members who raised the issues but also to our existing networks. Simon has made contact already with Mr Harvey, and an introduction offer was made by Lee if Simon so required.
    Action: Lee to provide Simon with a 'fans liaison' email address


    The recent Ten4Ken meeting was discussed. The Trust would like to makes its position very clear.

    'We are and shall always remain an independent body that supports its members and all Leeds United fans and the wider Leeds United fan base. We are, as a constituted and fully independent organisation, a body for our members and Leeds United supporters to engage with to ask questions, raise issues and concerns, providing an independent voice for our members and Leeds United fans through our good relationship with the Club.'
    The Ten4Ken group requires people to talk to Radio Leeds. Whilst some board members would be happy to do this, it became apparent that the group had enough volunteers at this time.

    The content of our website was discussed and it was agreed that it needs to be constantly updated to keep the site relevant and interesting. The trust requires an editor who would have this responsibility and drive the content.
    Action: Lee to talk to Andrew Butterwich to see if he would be interested.

    The next board meeting to be arranged to take place in approximately 6 weeks time

    Meeting closed at 22.00

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