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    Board meeting minutes 10/3/10

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    Board meeting minutes 10/3/10 Empty Board meeting minutes 10/3/10

    Post by Billyisgod on Tue Apr 27, 2010 9:01 pm

    Leeds United Supporters Trust Board Meeting
    10th March 2010

    Introductions and welcome was made by the Chairman


    Malcolm Christie provided a presentation on the accounts
    The Co-op balance is £1980
    The pay pal balance is £484
    The £500 provided by Co-op has still not been received - Action: Malcolm
    to chase and report back at next board meeting
    Subscription is required for £300 for membership database. Decision:
    unanimously agreed
    Policy principle was agreed that all spend by board members for the
    Trust business must be approved by the board
    The board will continue with the signatories for the pay pal and co-op
    accounts. Those who require access can liaise with Malcolm
    The Trust will use a member (Jill Blonsky) as signatory for independent audit
    Annual return to tax authorities is due. Action: Malcolm to organise
    with FSA and work with John Moran to drive the actions

    Leeds Legacy

    The proposal was constructed by Aiden and a request has been made to Linda Gomilla from the Coop and Jackie Forster from Supporters Direct to make a bid to the Leeds Legacy fund for £8k. The idea is to use the money to take children from the LS postcode area to LUFC home games. A decision on the request is due by the end of March. If successful the Trust will work with other agencies to organise and arrange the events. An idea was also shared with the board, that it could be possible to obtain a bike as a sponsorship prize to be drawn out at the end of the season for all the children who attend the games and could be used as a motivation tool to drive personal success within the children.

    Hall of Fame

    As an overview
    The fans of LUFC will choose their favourite players from the past
    The winning players will have their pictures put up around the ground
    inside Elland road
    The launch of the Hall of Fame would coincide with a European night
    celebrating the 1975 achievements
    The club are aware of the above
    We can also include back room staff such as Les Cocker
    We are working towards a September 10 event

    Action: The formal proposal will be constructed by Mark and Lee
    The formal proposal will be put to the board by end of April 10

    The board recognised the work by Mark and thanked him for his efforts so far.

    Recruitment and Membership

    Steve was waiting on the logo change before we start the membership drive The actions supporting the membership drive are in place
    Action: The board need sight of the plan to agree and add to it where necessary - Steve to provide the action plan for the board to approve One idea to create two membership offerings. The 1st is the standard £5 membership which currently exists. The 2nd is the membership plus idea where you would obtain extra value items such as car stickers etc
    Action: Lee and Steve to discuss the recruitment and membership section and how they see it working and tie into the membership database and pay pal to ensure a smooth transaction between joining and obtaining payment and sending acknowledgement of your membership

    Media and Marketing

    The logo has been designed and is in its final stages
    A link will be sent to board members to view and provide feedback. Action: Lee to send the link and board members to provide feedback
    Decision: the board agreed to switch domain companies and begin to use the company that Lee uses, at a significant reduction in costs The face book and twitter accounts are set up and running. You can find them at and Lee discussed an opportunity for the trust to have a regular guest slot on the guardian website. Decision: the board agreed we should take this opportunity
    Decision: Simon agreed to set up and run a 'assisting the members/ Supporters Liaison' section of the site. The idea is to have a place for members to raise and discuss any club related issues they have. Action: Simon to update the board on this

    The board thanked Lee for his hard work

    Any other business

    Exeter crowd issues - A meeting has been agreed between the key stakeholders. Action: Gary to copy the correspondence to Rick Supporters Direct are celebrating their 10 year anniversary and are holding an event in London. Action: Rick to forward the invitational email to the board members The 5 areas we are working on at the moment and the leads for the group are as follows

    1 Media and Marketing - Lee
    2 Membership & recruitment - Steve
    3 Leeds Legacy - Aiden
    4 Club issues/ Supporters liaison - Simon
    5 Hall of Fame - Mark

    It was agreed that the leaders of each group provide their own terms of reference to include a high level brief around the objectives, the members, what they will be concentrating on, why this will benefit the members and how they will canvass feedback from the members, measure of success etc. They will then share the draft outlines with the board for discussion and agreement.

    The Leeds in Barcelona opportunity was discussed. The idea is to bring a Barcelona fan over to Leeds and interview them and gain their reaction to the city of Leeds, the football, the match day experience etc. Decision: it was agreed by the board that they want to get involved in this initiative and Lee will keep to board updated The Leeds Ladies football team was discussed. A further meeting to discuss the issue was cancelled at the last minute. Action: Rick to keep the board updated on the issue Simon discussed the LUFC charter and how he had been in contact with the club to understand how they were working towards achieving the charter promises. Action: Simon to keep the board updated

    The next board meeting to be arranged in 6 weeks time

    Meeting closed at 22.10

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