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    Remarkable events at Irlam FC

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    Remarkable events at Irlam FC Empty Remarkable events at Irlam FC

    Post by Rickd on Sat Nov 06, 2010 11:08 am

    Irlam FC Support Emergency Services
    Irlam FC played their part in supporting emergency services personnel working at
    the scene of the gas explosion in Irlam on Tuesday of this week. The incident
    took place a short distance from Irlam's Silver Street ground, and Secretary
    Warren Dodd was contacted shortly after the explosion and asked to make the
    ground available for the emergency services. Warren explained: "The explosion
    happened at about 7.15 in the morning and it was a massive blast, everyone in
    Irlam heard it and the ground shook. The blast was at a house about three rows
    away from the club. If you go past our ground you are just about at the end of
    Silver Street, and the road bends round to the left. About 200 yards down from
    there is where the explosion took place. I was at work just finishing my
    nightshift and I got a call from the police asking if I could get down to the
    ground to open it up for them to use. I set off, and by the time I got near, the
    police had already blocked roads off. I went through three different police
    cordons, each one initially refusing to let me through until I explained why I
    was there. Eventually I got as far as about 200-300 yards from the ground and I
    was told to leave the car where it was and walk down to the ground. When I got
    there the fire service had already cut the lock on the gates, and our car park
    was full of vehicles from all the emergency services. After letting people know
    who I was, I went into the ground and opened it up for everyone to use. Since
    then, the rooms have been used for meetings, and the press conference that
    people may have seen on television took place at the ground. The toilet
    facilities at the ground are being used by everyone, although they don't need
    the canteen facilities. The Salvation Army have a mobile tuck shop on site,
    which apparently is something they always offer and put in place for incidents
    such as this. As soon as it got dark, our floodlights were turned on to help
    illuminate the area for all the people working there. Basically we as a club did
    what we could to help, although we were not involved directly with the

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